Meditations Pathways presents various workshops in the community that can also be adapted for the workplace.


Sleep Soundly Workshop

Learn how to:

~ 'switch off' your busy mind
~ relax your body deeply
~ use your senses to ease into sleep.

A workshop filled with practical strategies and information.

**You receive a copy of the CD Drift into Sleep

Drift into Sleep (now heard on Qantas inflight entertainment), comprises three guided meditations and contains many of the practices presented during the workshop.



These workshops use meditation to explore issues like achieving balance in your life, drawing on your intuition and tapping into your potential.

A Self-discovery workshop goes for about two hours and is usually on a Saturday or Sunday.

The workshop is available by request for social and friendship groups or work colleagues, interested in experiencing meditation together in a tranquil setting.


Starting Out

Two workshops are available in this series – Learn to Meditate and Meditation and Your Health. The latter focuses on specific health concerns, like insomnia, headaches and reducing stress.

These two workshops are available by request for social and friendship groups.


Workplace meditation

A variety of workshops are available for staff health and wellbeing programs. Session times can be adapted to your requirements, from 45 minutes to half-day workshops.

Themes include De-stress at your Desk, Meditation for Wellness, Moving through Mindfulness and Create Calmness.


For more information

Eileen: 0407 881 285 or

"Meditation has helped me focus and deal with stress – in fact, overall my stress has reduced." ROSEMARY, businesswoman


meditation moments




A time to slow down and nurture yourself...

You'll discover how to stress less... calm your mind... really relax



Meditation for beginners

Starts: Thursday 9 February
Time: 7.30pm

Starts: Sunday 12 February
Time: 10.30am

Starts: Monday 13 February
Time: 10.30am


Intermediate Meditation

Starts: Wednesday 8 February
Time: 7.45pm

Starts: Monday 13 February
Time: 7.45pm



* Courses - 6 weeks

* In Donvale/Doncaster East

* Bookings essential



Eileen: 0407 881 285













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